Pregnancy Sculptures





Christina is a Visual Artist whose work focuses on the feminine spirit. She incorporates fashion, pattern & design into elaborate, whimsical works of art. In addition to showing her work regularly in and around New York City, Christina's artwork has taken her all across the country - exhibiting in Miami, Nashville, Connecticut & Los Angeles. Her art has been featured on MTV Voices, The Huffington Post, MomTrends and Artful Vagabond, amongst others. She is the co-founder of Girl Gift Gather. Christina is a graduate of Sarah Lawrence College where she concentrated in Philosophy & Visual Arts. She lives in Palo Alto California with her beautiful husband and beautiful son.  

"There is a sense of the holy as well as the whimsical in her work, the metaphysical, the ironic & the erotic. They are just beautiful to look at- the color schemas, the symmetries, the condensing of the sweeping curvilinear patterns in the delicacy and intricacy of the patient paint-beading, seem like a near-perfect manifestation of the universal." -William Shullenberger


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