Christina is a visual artist whose work is grounded in the feminine. She is inspired by fashion, architecture, pattern and design and incorporates it into elaborate, sophisticated works of art. Christina's artwork has taken her all across the country - exhibiting in New York, Miami, Nashville, Connecticut & Los Angeles. Her art has been featured on MTV Voices, The Huffington Post, MomTrends, and Artful Vagabond, amongst others. She is the co-founder of Girl Gift Gather  a space where small business owners, writers, crafters, entrepreneurs, designers, makers, mothers, wives, daughters and everything in between goes to share and receive wisdom through videos, blogs, a weekly newsletter, events, workshops and gatherings. Christina is a graduate of Sarah Lawrence College where she concentrated in Philosophy & Visual Arts. When she graduated she work for the acclaimed sculpture artist Carole Feuerman where she learned the difficult and delicate art of live casting and sculpture finishing that she uses for her pregnancy sculptures today. She divides her time between Palo Alto, Los Angeles and NYC with her beautiful Husband and Son.  


"There is a sense of the holy as well as the whimsical in her work, the metaphysical, the ironic & the erotic. They are just beautiful to look at- the color schemas, the symmetries, the condensing of the sweeping curvilinear patterns in the delicacy and intricacy of the patient paint-beading, seem like a near-perfect manifestation of the universal." -William Shullenberger