Princess Love

When I was 9 months pregnant, Christina reached out to me to to see if I was interested in having a cast of my belly. I thought it would be nice to capture my belly before I gave birth, but I didn’t really know what to expect. We spoke for about 2 hours about my pregnancy. She asked me how I came up with the name Melody.. and also about my fears and hopes. I told her my hope is that she is always protected. So she created this AMAZING sculpture of my 9 month belly with 5,000 crystals. The music notes are the exact notes that play I’m in Love With A Melody. She added Symbols that signify the beginning of our journey, protection, eternity, and all of our zodiac signs. Everything I felt waiting for my baby girl to arrive. @c_justiz_r I know I thanked you a million times when you brought this to my home, but just want to thank you again for dedicating your time in making this piece for me. This is so special ❤️

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Latham Thomas

"Meet Brooklyn Baby Bumps! Founder, Christina Justiz Roush is giving the belly cast a makeover- Mama Glow style. She’s turned the craft project into a chic maternal masterpiece that anyone would love to see hanging on their bedroom wall. Check out the process she takes clients through to create bountiful belly art- in style. Now I wish I was pregnant just so I could have Christina capture my pregnancy. " Latham Thomas Owner of Mama Glow & author of "Mama Glow: A Guide to Your Fabulous Abundant Pregnancy

Brianne Manz

"I had one of the best assignments by far as a contributor for Momtrendsgetting my pregnant belly casted! I met with the artist Christina Justiz Roush in her hip studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn to get my cast done. I wasn’t too sure what to expect, but the process of the actual casting was quite quick and easy. The whole time I was super relaxed and enjoyed every minute of it. Both my husband and I stood completely speechless when Christina revealed the finished piece. The craftsmanship and dedication that she put into it was truly incredible. I am so happy to have this work of art forever. If you are thinking of having your belly casted, I would strongly recommend it. I am sad I do not have one for each of my children now. But this is something I will cherish forever!" --Brianne Manz from MomTrends & Stroller in The City


"My whole pregnancy was very difficult for me. I have a 13 year old son and after 13 years .... it was not only hard but it felt like it was my first. So entering my 39 week, I felt like a ball of stress and anxiety walking around. Being immersed in these feelings, going to get my belly casted was the best decision I could have made. I had no idea what to expect and felt so refreshed in a perfect serene, inspiring and loving setting created by the artist. I also didn't have any ideas prepared so I trusted Christina completely. I trusted her way of translating our conversation (about art, theater, my theater work, her art, artists who influence us both and of course my baby Luna) into her work of art.The result? an absolutely stunning piece immortalizing this pregnancy with an explosion of my favorite colors of as matter of fact, also Luna's. Translation=perfection=memory." - Paola Irun



"Here I am, over 9 months pregnant with Wyatt.  I knew that he would be my last baby and therefore this would be my last time being pregnant.  So, I wanted to do something special to remember this time in my life.  Whether you love or hate being pregnant, there are some crazy emotions around knowing that you will never do it again.

I found Christina Justiz Roush on Instagram @christinajustizroush and instantly fell in love with her work.  She creates beautiful belly casts that are unlike any I’ve seen before.  Her casts go way beyond just the shape of your pregnant belly.  She takes the time to get to know you and your growing family in order to incorporate things that are personal and special to you in her design.

She arrived at my house and started by setting up a calm area in my bathroom, including candles, crystals and burning sage.  It was very relaxing!  During the process of actually casting my belly, we talked about my hopes and fears for my family and about being a mother of my amazing little boys.  I am not normally an emotional person but I ended up crying during the process…and I’m talking sobbing, not just a few tears.  Once I got out all of my happy tears and she got most of the belly covered, we called in Ryker and Grey so that they could add a few strips to the cast.  They absolutely loved it and it was great to have them involved.

My finished piece is so beautiful!  It’s hard to believe that just a couple weeks before I took this picture, he was in that belly.

Included in the package was a 2 page personal note to me as well as a description of the design.  Every color, crystal, and paint stroke was intentional and has meaning.  A few of the meanings included in my design are:  The Triskelion in the center is an ancient Scottish symbol.  The blue accents were inspired by my home..  On the back, she included each of our birth stones surrounded by a red circle which bonds us together with love, connection and protection.  This is truly a work of art that I will love forever." Collette Wixon from Mini Style Hacker