Holiday Gift Guide and the Makers Behind Them

This past weekend I visited the Echo Park Craft Fair, a wildly inspired, beautifully curated group of local artists and artisans. I awkwardly asked them to share a piece of wisdom with me to share with you today. It was remarkable how easily they were able to do it on the spot!

The fashion advice from Haley of Marais USA at the end is๐Ÿ‘Œ 

See below for my gift guide from all the makers in the video. Truly excellent. 

In order of appearance...

Linda Hsiao of Knot Work LA:

I was pretty obsessed with these when I saw them, also these cups would make any cocktail that much better...

Elena Chien of See Real Flowers:

All of her jewelry is just the perfect mix of nature meets magic meets beauty...this necklacerocked my world and you can put a special note in it for the person you love to discover...

Hall Newbegin of Juniper Ridge:

Mountain lodge. Fireplace. Forest campground...Yes PLEASE!

Saehee Cho of Soo N


Haley Boyd of Marais USA blue, red & rose, Thank you very much! 

Peace, Love Love Love & Creativity!