So much of what I have dedicated my life to in creating Pregnancy Sculptures and Womb Bowls has been a direct response to the joy and heartbreak of being a Mother. The responsibility, the fear, the absolute love. We all want to keep our children safe, we all want to see them healthy and happy, and we all want to be powerful space-holders to help our families thrive.  

As women, we are powerful creators. The very energy we carry within us to grow and birth our babies is also a power we can harness to create meaning and joy in our lives, our families, and in the world at large. The intention we put into the things which surround us creates the space for this innate power to develop more fully in our lives.

The pregnancy sculptures are so much more than just a beautiful piece of art to adorn the homes of the women I work with. It is the encapsulation of the unspeakable experience of birthing their children. It is the symbolism of their heritage that is incorporated into the design of the piece that imbues it with a sacred magic, connecting them with the generations of mothers before them and carries that lineage forward. It is a touchstone to remind them of their strength, beauty, magnificence, and power during the joyous, difficult, and sacred journey of motherhood.

It is an honor of a lifetime to support and celebrate Mothers in this way.